Rene Levesque

As a premier of Quebec, Rene Levesque was a honest man, who broadcasted clear and spoke “from the heart”. As many other extraordinary Canadians, I did not know who Rene Levesque was; I actually have never heard of him before. However, after listening and learning about him by this seminar, I found out that he was a very historically significant person in terms of Quebec and Canada. Some of his legacies include encouraging the self confidence in Quebec, Bill 101, tried showing Quebecers that they could succeed in Quebec, help equality of minority groups. He also have helped the French no longer feel like they were a minority, no longer overpowered by English, and finally equal. I believe he is significant because he was the voice for the minority, helped them establish their confidence, and finally made them feel equal.


Lester B. Pearson

Lester B. Pearson is the 14th Prime Minister of Canada, statesman, politician, and a professor. Like I have mentioned before, I do lack knowledge of Canadian History, so this was my first time hearing about him, and learning about him.

Lester B. Pearson is quite an extraordinary man, he have implemented Canada Pension Plan, universal medicare system, unified armed force, and a new flag. He also have received a Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the Suez Crisis through the United Nations, United Nations Emergency Force. He was known as Mr. Canada globally, so we an see that he is pretty significant for that he holds a big title.

As a person who is heavily involved in community service, I believe he is very historically significant. There are so many accomplishments that have been made through him that had “saved the world” and gave a reputation of Canada that we are very proud of.

Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan, was a English professor as well as a philosopher of communication theory. To be perfectly honest, even after learning about him by a seminar, I still do not understand why he is an extraordinary Canadian. I do not fully understand what he did that was historically significant. Yes, I understand that McLuhan is known for the expressions “the medium is the message” and the “global village“, I personally believe that he did not have a big impact on Canada’s society as much as others. However, that does not mean that I do not respect him. I do respect him, I believe that he have done many things like predicting the World Wide Web before thirty years it was invented; however, I am saying is that he did not influence Canada and Canadians as much as other extraordinary Canadians did. He still is a renowned philosopher who have developed many ideas are considered to be significant.


Maurice Richard

I do not know hockey and I do not like hockey; therefore, I did not know who Maurice Richard was. However, after learning a bit about him, it made me admire hockey and Maurice Richard.

Maurice Richard, also known as Maurice “Rocket Richard”, was a professional ice hockey player who played in NHL, National Hockey League, for Montreal Canadiens for 18 seasons. He was first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in one seasons as well as to reach 500 career goals. He retired with 544 goals and won the Hart Trophy as NHL’s most valuable player in the year of 1947. One thing I thought was most impressive was that he was inducted on the Hall of Fame only one years after his retirement. This was impressive to me because it usually takes five years after hockey players retirement to be eligible to be put in the Hall of Fame.

Maurice Richard is not only significant due to his hockey career, but was also politically significant. After his suspension, many French Canadians thought it was unfair, and sparked the Richard Riot. Richard riot in history of riots is thought as to be the catalyst to the Quiet Revolution. So in many ways I believe that he is very significant in terms of Canadian history.

Norman Bethune

I never knew who Norman Bethune was and I believe a lot of Canadians do not know about him. When they do recognize him, they recognize him as a communist but not for his accomplishments. Norman Bethune, ironically, is more well known in China where he have saved billion people’s lives.

One of his major accomplishments was when Bethune was in China. He traveled all the way to China with a medical team to lend his services to the Communists. When he was there he became the health adviser for a region of Jinchayi. There he performed on the either side of the battle, and in total did more than 300 operations to uncountable patients.

Bethune is an extraordinary and historically significant Canadian who is not yet celebrated by many Canadians. Yes, he did believe in Communism, but only for his strong belief of equal health care. He should be celebrated and honored in Canada, due to the fact that he represented our country significantly and made significant changes in Chinese society.

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau is the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and is the father of the current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Due to the fact that I lack of knowledge in Canadian history, I always wondered who this person is and what is about him that made him so significant. By this seminar, I was able to find out who this person is as well as the reason why he is so significant in Canada’s society.

Trudeau was different from many politicians, he was more laid back, bold and liked to speak his mind. His characteristics separated him from many politicians and even gave him a mania called “Trudeaumania” for the excitement generated by Trudeau’s entry into the race for Liberal leadership. He made some great accomplishments during his term – War Measures Act of 1970, Reforming the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, and Official Languages Act.

I personally believe that Trudeau’s contribution and legacy continues until today, especially by Justin Trudeau, and that he is historically significant. The accomplishments and contributions he have made throughout his life is something we do benefit from in our everyday life.

Tommy Douglas

What represent Canada? What are we most proud of this country? I believe medicare really is one of a kind, and is something that represent this country. Medicare is a system funded by Canada’s Government for universal health insurance. Who found this program? Tommy Douglas, leader of Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and as I have stated before the Canadian medicare. He believed that every Canadian deserved the right to have equal health care, which we have to day due to him.

As the “Father of Medicare”, I believe that he is one of the most historically significant Canadians. Three criteria of being historically significant – are they symbolic, do they influence the society today, did it have a big significance then. The answer for these three questions for Tommy Douglas are yes. He symbolizes the equality and medicare, which still influences us today. Also, it was significant then due to that it was something no one have thought of and if they did, they thought it was impossible to enact. Therefore, I believe he is historically very significant.