Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau is the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and is the father of the current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Due to the fact that I lack of knowledge in Canadian history, I always wondered who this person is and what is about him that made him so significant. By this seminar, I was able to find out who this person is as well as the reason why he is so significant in Canada’s society.

Trudeau was different from many politicians, he was more laid back, bold and liked to speak his mind. His characteristics separated him from many politicians and even gave him a mania called “Trudeaumania” for the excitement generated by Trudeau’s entry into the race for Liberal leadership. He made some great accomplishments during his term – War Measures Act of 1970, Reforming the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, and Official Languages Act.

I personally believe that Trudeau’s contribution and legacy continues until today, especially by Justin Trudeau, and that he is historically significant. The accomplishments and contributions he have made throughout his life is something we do benefit from in our everyday life.


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