Norman Bethune

I never knew who Norman Bethune was and I believe a lot of Canadians do not know about him. When they do recognize him, they recognize him as a communist but not for his accomplishments. Norman Bethune, ironically, is more well known in China where he have saved billion people’s lives.

One of his major accomplishments was when Bethune was in China. He traveled all the way to China with a medical team to lend his services to the Communists. When he was there he became the health adviser for a region of Jinchayi. There he performed on the either side of the battle, and in total did more than 300 operations to uncountable patients.

Bethune is an extraordinary and historically significant Canadian who is not yet celebrated by many Canadians. Yes, he did believe in Communism, but only for his strong belief of equal health care. He should be celebrated and honored in Canada, due to the fact that he represented our country significantly and made significant changes in Chinese society.


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