Maurice Richard

I do not know hockey and I do not like hockey; therefore, I did not know who Maurice Richard was. However, after learning a bit about him, it made me admire hockey and Maurice Richard.

Maurice Richard, also known as Maurice “Rocket Richard”, was a professional ice hockey player who played in NHL, National Hockey League, for Montreal Canadiens for 18 seasons. He was first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in one seasons as well as to reach 500 career goals. He retired with 544 goals and won the Hart Trophy as NHL’s most valuable player in the year of 1947. One thing I thought was most impressive was that he was inducted on the Hall of Fame only one years after his retirement. This was impressive to me because it usually takes five years after hockey players retirement to be eligible to be put in the Hall of Fame.

Maurice Richard is not only significant due to his hockey career, but was also politically significant. After his suspension, many French Canadians thought it was unfair, and sparked the Richard Riot. Richard riot in history of riots is thought as to be the catalyst to the Quiet Revolution. So in many ways I believe that he is very significant in terms of Canadian history.


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