Tommy Douglas

What represent Canada? What are we most proud of this country? I believe medicare really is one of a kind, and is something that represent this country. Medicare is a system funded by Canada’s Government for universal health insurance. Who found this program? Tommy Douglas, leader of Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and as I have stated before the Canadian medicare. He believed that every Canadian deserved the right to have equal health care, which we have to day due to him.

As the “Father of Medicare”, I believe that he is one of the most historically significant Canadians. Three criteria of being historically significant – are they symbolic, do they influence the society today, did it have a big significance then. The answer for these three questions for Tommy Douglas are yes. He symbolizes the equality and medicare, which still influences us today. Also, it was significant then due to that it was something no one have thought of and if they did, they thought it was impossible to enact. Therefore, I believe he is historically very significant.


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