Lord Beaverbrook

What did you learn about history?

  • Lord Beaverbrook was one of the first Canadian to have a international say and have people listening to it, especially because he was so influential during WW1 and WW2. Also, the fact that he had a newspaper chain shows how his perspective had a great impact on people’s perspective. In addition, I have learned that there was a Canadian who held a seat in the British Parliament, which is quite shocking during then.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

  • That there was a Canadian person who people listened internationally during the war times, and that his voice did influence many people’s thoughts and perspective.

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

  • I believe that this history was able to happen because Beaverbrook was such an ambitious kid from a very young age. Having his first job at the age of 11 and being in politics from the age of 17, I believe his childhood did have a big impact on him.

Do you think he is significant and why?

  • I believe he is significant in many ways. First of all, he become a millionaire during his 20s. This is more significant if you think how valuable dollar was during then. Also, to add on that he was the first Canadian to hold a seat in British Parliament. In addition, he started a chain of newspaper, which made his opinion very valuable and powerful because “Without a free press, there is no democracy.”

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