Emily Carr

What did you learn about history?

  • I didn’t know Emily Carr was before this seminar, so the fact that not I know who this amazing artist is a great learning. Also, I have learned that she was a white women who drew drawings that were very related to the First Nations. In addition, that she had opened up a new spectrum of art, a part of art that was not most appreciated back then.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

  • That a white women brought Canada’s attention to aesthetic art of First Nation’s. This is very ironic in many ways. The fact that she was a woman, that she drew indigenous art, and in a new style.

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

  • I find the “why” of this history very sad as a person who stands up for women’s right. The reason Emily Carr was finally brought to people’s attention was due to Group of Seven.The only reason Emily Carr was noted by people was because these seven men approved of her work and thought it was an art that should be shared amongst people. Also, this history happened due to the European environment. The European environment during then were very strict and had many restrictions for women; this caused Carr wanting to rebel – painting new subjects, having a relationship with indigenous people, and being unmarried.

Do you think she is significant and why?

  • I think she is very significant for many reasons. She did not only bring a new spectrum of art into the society, she made people appreciate that kind of art. Also, the fact that she drew indigenous art by staying with the indigenous people even thought at the time it was not considered acceptable.

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