Stephan Leacock

What did you learn about history?

  • I have learned that Canada did have world known writers. I have always thought that Canada did not have that many figures that represented the country literature wise; however, there is quite a few – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Mordecai Richler, Marshall Mcluhan, as well as Stephen Leacock. From them, I could say the most well known as well as significant figure is Stephan Leacok. As a writer of Sunshine Sketches, he wrote about the rural experiences in Ontario. Also, in his writing he tried to come up with solutions for Canadian’s issue and supported women’s rights.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

  • I have learned that Canada is not a mediocre country, which is how it is represented globally; however, has many world-known writers that have stood up for what is right and who have written major pieces such as Sunshine Sketches.  

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

  • I actually haven’t. Maybe it was because during that time period there were no books on Canada’s rural experiences and due to that people thought that it was interesting how Canada can be also seen in such a different perspective.

Do you think he is significant and why?

  • When compared to many other extraordinary Canadians, Stephan Leakcock is not that significant. He has not influenced Canada in a way that Lester B. Pearson or Tommy Douglas has. However, he has changed the world’s perspective on Canada. He has shown a different side of Canada, a side that was never been written about. He also has proved that Canada does have people who have the talent to make people laugh, and cry through writing. He have not influenced Canadians, however, has influenced global thought on Canada. So for that reason, he is significant.

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