Nellie McClung

What did you learn about history?

  • I actually knew about Nellie McClung due to that she is such a famous woman figure that is respected for her accomplishments. However,  something I have learned about history and about her is that she was a writer. She wrote 16 books in total, writing about temperance, and prohibition, about real problems. She became an immediate best-seller and had a successful literary career.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

  • I have learned that due to Nellie McClung, women now are able to have rights in her household, divorce, children. In addition, now are able to vote and have a say and influence the government.

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

  • Women until the year of 1916 wasn’t able to vote in Manitoba, and if got a divorce did not have any rights to her household. This was the reason why Women’s Suffrage happened. Because so many women did not have the right to have a say in government, vote, run for a politics, and well for things that men had rights to. Because it was unfair that women were treated in a way they should not have. This was why this history has happened.

Do you think she is significant and why?

  • I believe she is very significant, and many would agree with me. Even though some of her actions and what she stood up for was not ethical, she have given the rights to her house hold, to run for politics, and to vote.

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