Lucy Maud Montgomery

What did you learn about history?

To be perfectly honest, I thought I knew a lot about Lucy Maud Montgomery; however, I was wrong, I did not know much about her at all. Yes, I knew that she wrote Anne of Green Gables and that she lived in PEI, however, I did not know that she did not have a happy childhood, that she was alone, a lot like Anne. Also, I did not know that her husband was disabled and how her grandmother was an big obstacle to her career. In addition, I never knew that she was depressed. Because she is such a famous author, I always thought that she would have lived in fame and money; however, due to that she did not claim any rights to this novel, she was not able to make money at all. So I can say I learned a lot from this history, mostly about Lucy Montgomery and her life.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

I knew that by her and her novel, she have attracted many tourist in PEI. Also, that she and Anne of Green Gables still is a big influence on PEI and even the world. In addition, there has been many movies and television series that have been made based on this novel. However, I did not know that she have in a way opened up a path for female writers.

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

I believed that this was all able to happen due to her childhood. Due to that she did not have a happy childhood, that experience helped her write a novel like Anne of Green Gables. Like I have mentioned before, it was a shock to learn that she did not have a happy childhood or even lifetime. She has always been living in darkness, to be exaggerating of course.

Do you think she is significant and why?

Ilucy-maud-montgomery-author-writer-diarist-b-at-clifton.jpeg believe that she is very significant due to many reasons. First of all, a female writer wrote a novel that have become international best seller, was a big shock and was pretty significant at the time. Also, that she have opened up a new path for female writers, not only in Canada but globally. In addition, the fact that thousands of visitors worldwide visit PEI for the sake of her and to visit her house is a pretty significant. Finally, the fact that she have written a novel so great like Anne of Green Gables in such a harsh environment for me is very motivational and significant. Because, many would be held back due to their past and their environment, however, Montgomery decided to use this to help her write her novel is very extraordinary and significant.