Big Bear

What did you learn about history?

  • I didn’t know about Big Bear until I heard Max’s seminar, so that was a big learning, just learning about who Big Bear was. That he was one of the few chief leaders that resisted the signing of the treaty, for him Treaty 6, from the Canadian government. Also, the fact that so many people were in sacrifice to make the country of Canada – to make Big Bear sign the Treaty 6, the Canadian government made the Cree starve to death.

What did you learn about the doing of history?

  • I understood this question as “How was this history made and how did it happen?” This history was made by the sacrifice of the Cree people and the overwhelming desire to take over the country by Canadian government. As I have written, Big Bear resisted, however, didn’t last long due to there was no more food for people due to that mass shootings of buffaloes in the US. As Big Bear saw his people die, he decided to sign the Treaty 6.

What did you learn about the “why” of history?

  • I think this question means “Why did this happen in the history?” There are many answers to this question. “Manifest Destiny” – American settlers believing that they were destined to expand throughout the continent – this made Canadian government anxious that the American would start coming up north and start talking land. This lead to Canadian government signing treaties with the aboriginals throughout the country, one of them being Treaty 6.
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Do you think he is significant and why?

  • From global point of view, I personally believe that he was not significant. However, if we were to see him from national point of view, I would be able to propose that he is very significant. The fact that he was one of few chief leaders that were to resist made him stood out from all of the other chiefs. However, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice more of his people which caused him to sign Treaty 6 with the Canadian Government.