Ovide Mercredi

Born on January 30, 1946, Ovide Mercredi is a Canadian First Nations leader and a former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. He is a leading advocate for First Nations’ rights and an extraordinary Canadian based on John Ralston Saul’s criteria. Saul’s defines an extraordinary Canadian as a person who “…their convictions and drive, their sense of what is right and wrong, their willingness to risk it all, whether it be their lives, their reputations, or simply being wrong in public.” Also, including that “each is engaged in building what Canada is now becoming.”

Ovide Mercredi

Ovide Mercredi is never afraid to speak the voices of million of diverse group of aboriginal people; “aboriginal people, as the land’s original inhabitants, have inherent rights to self-government.” Warning the government that the issues among the First Nations’ will not go avoided. When speaking the voices of millions of his people, he used non-violence, passive resistance, and civil disobedience due to he was influenced by Gandhi.

Due to people like Ovide Mercredi, the voices of aboriginals are heard. By being driven and choosing right over wrong, he is an extraordinary Canadian.






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